We need more award shows like the Royalty Soapie Awards

Congratulations to the team for acknowledging our local shows and actors. 

By  | Oct 04, 2019, 01:09 PM

As we've all become aware, the acting industry is one tricky business to work in. Jobs are scarce, salaries are sometimes hardly paid in on time, and you're just as good as your last acting gig. 

So, it's always encouraging to see organisations like the Royalty Soapie Awards acknowledge all of the hard work that our soapie stars are doing on a daily basis.

What is also commendable about the Royalty Soapie Awards is that it has become a show that not only focuses on the glitz and glamour, but it also focuses on uplifting the community.

Winnie Ntshaba, who is the founder of the Royalty Soapie Awards, once mentioned that one of the aims of the award show was to benefit a number of communities at large. 

"We had to sit and think, what can be done to benefit the communities? We didn't want to come with just that one night of glitz and glamour. There is a programme, the acting skills development programme that we’re going to launch. The programme will be about developing the youth in underprivileged communities, teaching them about the arts, the technical side, careers, and also we want them to run their own production houses, so we have a bigger mandate, we have a bigger plan," she once said in an interview after announcing that the award shows would return in 2018.

So, the fact that such an award show has an extended plan that goes beyond just that one night, brings across the sense it's not only about entertainment, but about also moulding the talents of up-and-coming artists.

Much respect to the Royalty Soapie Awards and all their efforts in making the entertainment industry a better place to work in. 

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