What did Natasha Tahane do? Find out why she trended this morning

You've been asking what she did all morning, well, we have the answers 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Natasha Tahane

Knowing what the world is talking about is part of our job but when people jump on a trending topic (TT) just for relevance, things may get a little lost in translation.

When we saw Natasha Tahane’s name top the Twitter trends list, we were like “hawu?! What did she do?”

It turns out Natasha wasn’t exactly the problem here…

Some Twitter user tried to throw shade at her and she clapped back and it took him a whole three months to get mad about it. Mxim.

Another user with an axe to grind saw that people we talking about her and decided to jump on  the “drag Natasha Tahane bandwagon” as well.

And he wasn’t the only one. In usual group-think fashion, people who already had a problem with her used the TT to say all the vicious things they’ve been keeping to themselves.

But there were a few tweeps who knew better….

All we can say about this is… Common sense is not a flower that grows in everybody’s garden shem. And luckily, Natasha knows this.

Main image credit: Instagram