What the ladies of Society taught us about life

Society the series was more than just a show but a life lesson for friends.

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We take a look at what the ladies of Society taught us about friendships and life in general. A story line that equipped and taught us the true meaning of friendships and life.

After a friend's death brought them together the four ladies tried to figure out the true meaning of friendship and life but along the way it's clear that they were all struggling in life in different ways.

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Akua was a very successful 30-year-old corporate woman, everything in her career was going as it should, but in her private life she was a lonely woman yearning for a family but all she had was her career. Moral of her story is that your career and achievements isn't everything balancing life and a career is important.

Oh and just because you're 30 doesn't mean your potential husband will be a 40 or 50 - something-year-old C.E.O of some corporate firm.

Who knows, your bae could be wrapped up as a 21-year-old pretty boy who is still in varsity.


And just because you're successful in your career doesn't mean you're successful in your love-life, to such an extent that you find yourself dating Ben 10's who are not in the same salary bracket as you.

Yes, that's Bongani Masondo who also acted in Tshisa which you can also view on ShowMax 14-day subscription trial.

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Beth's life taught us that your sexuality is no one's business, the more you live in the closet the more you suffocate not only yourself but your relationship and partner. Beth who dated her girlfriend Thuli, was a teacher madly in love but still ashamed of her sexuality as a lesbian which caused great straing in her relationship. It's the year 2016 so whether you're gay, straight, bisexual who cares! Live your best life and show off your partner to those who matter.



Inno's life taught us that life can seriously throw you a curve ball and that the entertainment business can be a real financial struggle. Inno was a celebrity to the outside world, but behind closed doors, she slept her way around married men and any guy who was willing to pay for sex with her. 

Just like their late friend, Dineo, Inno was also crying out for help. Which is a great lesson to alway pay attention to your friend's actions and the words they speak, you never know the underlying tones they may be trying to communicate with you



We guess Louise life lesson would apply both to ladies and gentlemen. Louise was also borderline depressed, from the outside world her life was great, she was married to the love of her life, got accepted as a medical practitioner and to top it all off she was pregnant with her first child.

But just like Cristina Yang from Greys Anatomy (which is also available on ShowMax) Louise never wanted a baby, all she wanted to do is become a general practitioner and travel the world. 

Whilst pregnant she drinks heavily and resents the unborn child and her husband for putting her in this position.

Basically, if you're planning on wanting a baby whilst still working on your career just make sure that having a baby is what your partner also wants.

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