What marriage has taught Bubu Mazibuko

Bubu is still loving married life and appreciates all that the union has taught her about herself.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM


Marriage is no walk in the park but with great communication and understanding, it is the best form of partnership anyone can ever experience.

Marriage comes with many lessons. Just ask Bubu Mazibuko, who tied the knot back in 2016. In the latest edition of Afopolitan magazine, the actress revealed that she's learned that some of the cliches around marriage are actually true. 

"I think that as a person and as a woman, it has taught me to compromise. The word 'compromise' is no longer some frivolous statement; it actually becomes real." She told the publication that she's also learnt that she's more patient than she thought she was. 

"You learn more about yourself once you have to really share a life with someone, and it can be as miserable or as fun as you make it. I'm married to my best friend and I'm enjoying it with this specific person." 

Remember Bubu used to act on Yizo Yizo alongside the likes of Noluthando Maleka

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BubuMazibuko