What's The Tea?

It's been a hectic week

By  | Feb 25, 2019, 06:54 AM

A lot has happened this past weekend and if you have been too busy living your life. Don't worry, ZAlebs has got you covered with the top 3 stories that everyone is talking about.

Bonang Matheba Hacked?

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At any given time, there is always something happening in Queen B's life and as usual, the star is keeping mum, the entertainer has learned the art of not saying much.

A couple of days ago, Bonang's Twitter account with millions of followers disappeared off the internet and to be honest, no one knows what really happened but there are a few theories. Before you think we are crazy, hear us out, ok?

Here are some of the possible reasons below:

1. The masses seem to think that Bonang deactivated her account because she did not want to be tagged in tweets about AKA's roast?

2. Some people think that the star's account was hacked, whatever the reason is, Bonang and her team are keeping their cards close to their chests.

Ntsiki Mazwai Attacks DJ Zinhle

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Okay, maybe attack is a slight exaggeration but Ntsiki Mazwai did what she does best - share her opinions on social media without consideration for the person on the receiving end. She recently accused DJ Zinhle of being a Barbie Doll who wears weaves and just follows the system. Ouch!

Pearl Thusi & Lasizwe Make Up

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As the old adage goes, 'all is well that ends well'. It is the case with Pearl Thusi and Lasizwe Dambuza. In 2018, the pair were involved in an epic Twitter fight, words were thrown, salaries were discussed and for the longest time, we thought that they would never reconcile but taking to Instagram, Lasizwe shared an image of himself and Pearl with the caption: "All is now forgiven"

So there you have it kids! Don't forget to sound of on our comments section.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@Lasizwe