What the Shabangu twins have been up to

From being one of Mzansi's first R&B groups to disappearing from the scene just like that.

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The Shabangu twins were a force to be reckoned with within the local music industry back in the 90's and although R&B wasn't as popular of a genre in the country at the time, the South African audience, especially the ladies took a great liking to these guys.

With hits songs like Shona Phantsi and Love 10 000, these twins were probably your older sister's first celebrity crush amongst the many other popular artists of the 90's.

So what happened to the Shabangu twins after their sudden musical hiatus?


Well, apart from the fact that they're now all grown men who are probably in their 40's one of the twins, Nhlanhla Shabangu decided to venture into business and position himself as a savvy businessman with various business ventures.

Nhlanhla Shabangu

Speaking to drum a few years ago, he said:

"I wanted to leave the industry while still relevant. The music was a launching pad. We also felt that the objective had been achieved," he told the publication.

Some of his business ventures included being the president of a beauty pageant called Miss Heritage Global which was founded in 2012.

Here's a video of Nhlanhla explaining what Miss Heritage Global is about.

Nhlanhla is very much into politics as well.


Him and his twin brother Lucky are still quite close.


But don't get it twisted, the brothers may have chosen different career paths but they definitely can still sing.

We choose to praise on a chooseday! Family over everythin

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And would you look at that, they're still good friends with the other set of twins from the group - Tebogo & Lesley Sithathu. These guys have not aged much.


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