What's next for DJ Sbu?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Sibusiso Leope, or DJ Sbu, as he is more popularly known, was recently fired from Metro FM for illegally promoting his energy drink, Mofaya, during the Metro FM Music Awards and on air.

The controversial DJ, who has since joined the team at Cliff Central, has come under the harsh spotlight again this week. Apparently, not only did Sbu ‘lie’ about being on the cover of Forbes, but he was also deceitful about his UNICEF and Nike ambassadorships, as well as his energy drink Mofaya being ‘SABS approved’. Is he falling from fame, as Sunday World recently reported?

The DJ claimed to be a brand ambassador for Nike and the international children's rights organisation, UNICEF. However, both these companies have confirmed that he is no way affiliated with either of them. Siphelele Chingono, who spoke on behalf of the establishment, said that UNICEF South Africa currently has no (association) with Sibusiso Leope and Nike Africa Communications Manager, Seruscka Naidoo, said that although he had previously hosted a few of their events, DJ Sbu was not their brand ambassador.

The web of lies spun even further when the DJ made certain claims about his energy drink but the Acting Group Manager of Marketing, Public Relations and Communications at SABS, Thato Chabeli, was reported as stating that "The product in question, Mofaya…is neither SABS-approved nor certified."

DJ Sbu couldn’t be reached for comment at the time regarding his most recent string of allegations. At an earlier stage, he did however respond to the bogus Forbes cover, saying that ‘…I am extremely hungry; I don’t conform to the rules. I saw the image, it’s brilliant, and I retweeted it.’

The DJ is adamant that he had nothing to do with the making of the cover and when it surfaced on social media and swept through his fans like a crushing wave, he had no choice but to embrace the idea and simply roll with the thrill of it all. Despite the fact that the Forbes saga had been resolved, it still remained relatively controversial.

So this begs the question – After an array of lies and simply pretending to be what he’s not, will any of DJ Sbu’s future endorsements ever be taken seriously or will he forever hover in the light of his seemingly recent and distasteful illusive nature?