Which celebrity party animal are you?

It's the season of parties and best believe, your faves will be attending them all.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM


If you could party with 5 of your fave, who would you choose?

The fun thing about Spring besides showing skin, is the sunshine and the parties. There are parties left right and center and yes your faves are busy and some of them make a living off of hosting these parties. So who do you want to party with this Spring? Imagine rocking up to a party and seeing these familiar faces, how cool would that be?

Here's a list of the ZAlebs we think would add just a little bite of flavor to any party and why?

Khanyi Mbau- Umajaivana

Every party needs someone who moves like Jagger and never seems to get tired and makes everyone around them want to join in. Khanyi is perfect for this, we all know how well she dances.

Khanyi Mbau

Ntando Duma

To go along with ''umajaivana'' we need a hype man. The one who'll keep the party lit, the one who always has a story to tell and the one who just can't stop talking. Ntando Duma is perfect for this, she's loud, vavacious and has all the energy in the world.

Ntando Duma

The Pretty girls

What's a party without some pretty girls. Boity Thulo and Khanya Mkhangisa are both beautiful and if you invite one of them, the other one will definitely tag along.


We haven't forgotten about the ladies, we need a little eye candy for them too and who better than another pair of best friends that are both hotties. The reason that majaivana girl won't stop dancing and those pretty girls won't stop laughing loud for. Pallance Dladla and Sdumo Mtshali


And last but not least, every party has that one friend who drinks way too much. The one who's there for the booze and booze alone.They don't care to dance, they don't care to mingle they are there for the booze, who's that ZAleb?


Who's who in your circle of friends, tag them if you're brave.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@RealBlackCoffee