Who on earth is Gugu on iSthunzi?

She's a character we haven't seen yet on screen but we already dislike her.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Isthunzi Season 2 officially has a premiere date

The only thing that's standing between Lebone and Winnie is this unknown medical student by the name of Gugu.

Gugu literally had the entire Ninja Nation shook when Lebone mentioned her name and that he was engaged to her. Before he could even go further on who Gugu was, we were already on some...

...Gugu who?


Some tweeps were even considering on embarking on a #FindGugu mission as we speak.

But seriously, who is Gugu and why is Lebone getting engaged to her? And by the looks of some of the comments on Facebook, it's clear that Gugu is not a favourite and needs to be removed ASAP!

The Commissioning Editor of Isthunzi eventually put our anxiety to rest when we enquired about this Gugu girl.

According to Wanda, the Commisioning Editor of iSthunzi, Gugu is a character that was spoken of in the first season of iSthunzi and had been dating Lebone since high school. But the great news is that Gugu won't be appearing on the show anytime soon, which technically means him and Winnie still have a chance to be together right?

Should the creators of the show change their mind and decide to bring a Gugu on board, here are a few actresses we think would be suited for the role.

Khwezi Ndlovu
Khwezi Ndlovu

If you're unfamiliar with Khwezi, she plays the role of Vivian on iSthembiso, plus has recently graduated from varsity in real life.

Zimkhitha Nyoka

Remember Zimkhitha played as a medical student on SABC 1's Mutual Friends? So she'd also be a great candidate to play the role of Gugu, although we are confident Winnie would brick these ladies with ease and yes we're being biased.

Who else would you like to see play the role of Gugu? Honestly, from our side, we'd prefer that there be no one at all. Team Winnie and Lebone forever.

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