Who is pretending to be Buhle Mkhize?

Is her life really that fabulous that someone is pretending to be her?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


you know you've made t in this life thing when someone loves you so much that they pretend to be you.

Popular mistress and socialite Buhle Mkhize is asking for Instagram and her followers to help her report a fake account.

So, someone loves her so much that they created a whole account using all her pictures and has even managed to score themselves over 5000 followers. 

The s socialite is obviously fed up with this mystery person who clearly loves her to bits because in her caption she mentions that she's asked this person on numerous occasions to please delete it but still they continue. The mystery person behind the keypad takes Buhle's pictures from her account which has over 200k followers and just deletes the captions and posts them as their own.

Maybe Buhle needs Black Twitter's help on this.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Buhle_Mkhize