Why every artist wants to work with Shekhinah

Ever since she stepped onto the scene back in 2012, it's been nothing but an interesting musical joy ride for Shekhinah.

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We think you might all agree with us when we say that not winning Idols SA might've been one of the best things that could've ever happened to Shekhinah's music career.

For the past four years, we've seen the 22-year-old blossom into one of South Africa's most sought-after vocalists.

But why is that?

Why does a fairly new-ish artist like Shekhinah who still has a lot to learn from the music industry is wanted on every other track by the likes of...

Black Coffee

Black Coffee

DJ Sliqe

dj sliqe

And even rappers like Rouge?

You still think I'm playing 😒....this what I call making musical sense #Newerasessions

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The answers are quite simple really, it's not only because Shekhinah is a great singer who has a signature voice you can identify from a mile away, but it's also because she is a true scholar of music.

Shekhinah is an artist who appreciates every single moment that involves music production and is a creative who is easy to collaborate with regardless of who she's collaborating with. Whether it be superstars or fellow college students.

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Shekhinah also knows how to treat other people's songs with the care and the respect another artist's song deserves. This might be a stretch but you could even dub her the queen of local covers.

New to soundcloud on friday and for afda students this weeks showcase song xxxxx ♥ donald ~ I deserve

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We have no doubt that the late Brenda Fassie would be so proud of this Shekhinah cover.

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Malaika too.

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And maybe that's why platforms like Coke Studio brought her on as a featured artists for its latest episode.


Shekhinah not only can sing and compose music but she also understands the discipline of late night hours at the studio, working hard to try and get that perfect melody for a song.


These are important elements of why every other artist wants to work with the young lady. For her, it's not only about the end product but also about enjoying the process it takes to get to that end product.

Here's to seeing Shekhinah work with more local and international artist in her ever-so booming musical career.

In case you missed Shekhinah's performance on Coke Studio last night check it out below.

Coke Studio airs every Saturday on eTV at 6:05pm. Follow all of the artists' creative journey on Coca-Cola's Twitter page @CocaCola_ZA 

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