Why Masasa Mbangeni stopped begging for a weave

You don’t need a weave to look great, just ask actress Masasa Mbangeni.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:44 AM

Masasa Mbangeni Scandal hair

Masasa Mbangeni says once upon a time she practically begged (and cried) to wear a weave on the Scandal set.

But the actress says creative producer, Grace Mahlaba, helped her fall in love with her natural locks.

Masasa took to Instagram to let her followers know how she learned to embrace her real hair.

“I would literally cry begging her for a weave (she is responsible for the creative feel & look of the show from performance to aesthetic) and she would say, ‘Sasa if only you knew how beautiful you look with your natural hair’. So now I know,” Lindiwe said on Monday.

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She also shared some of the secrets to keeping her natural hair healthy and beautiful.

Masasa says she tries to visit her hairstylist as often as her wallet wil allow her for a deep treatment and Bantu Knots.

“I also use Jamaican Castor Oil regularly. Good hair loves happiness. So I try and be happy most of the time. Try. So there we go. Our hair is all different. So do what you can to learn about your hair. But Be Happy.”

Thanks for the tips, Masasa!

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Masasa Mbangeni talks natural hair for Scandal