Why were Gospel stars, S'fiso and Sechaba fighting?

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

It's a little bizarre that one would book an artist without his consent but that's what happened this weekend as two of South Africa's most talented gospel singers were nearly involved in a fight in Durban, after S'fiso Ncwane booked Sechaba Pali without his knowledge. 
Sechaba Pali admitted to hearing about the concert from fans. He then drove from Johannesburg to Durban with his backing vocalist in order to demand to take part in the concert and to be paid. 
A record company executive gave details on the story;  apparently Ncwane had advertised Pali's name on radio and on street posters as a crowd puller for his yearly festival in Durban.
Eye witnesses at the event mention that the two were involved in a heated exchange after Pali arrived. Sechaba couldn't get a straight answer out of Ncwane, he confronted Ncwane and asked why he was being disrespected.
Backing vocalist Hlengiwe Mhlaba stepped in, after she saw how angry Sechaba was.
According to City Press, after hearing about the concert from fans and tuning in to the radio to hear the advert, Pali phoned Ncwane's wife to ask why his name was being used.
S’fiso wife told him to send her a quotation for his appearance fee, and his manager subsequently sent her a quotation of R70 000. She deposited R5000, and when he asked for the rest of the money, she said he was too expensive and told him to take the money or not come to the show.
Sechaba said he had to go to the concert, because he was scared to tell his fans that he was paid but failed to pitch up to the show. 
Who do you think was more in the wrong, S'fiso for not being clear in communication, or Pali for chasing the money? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.
(Credit:Facebook.Sechaba Pali)