Wisdom from Bonnie Mbuli

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

We love it when celebs share their secrets to success. Well, because we also want to make it in life, right? We also want to be great.

That’s why we got a bit excited when Bonnie Mbuli shared what keeps her going. The renowned actress, who recently made her debut on Cape Town’s Heart FM, shared a bit of her wisdom on her Instagram page.

Bonnie, who is also set to co-host a talk show with Bonang Matheba and Jeannie D, wrote: “I ask myself often and I’m not often sure why; what keeps you going Bonnie? What keeps you believing, reaching, ...thing is I have only found the answer through experience, here it is :keep moving, however small the effort, however weak you feel the prayer is, whatever hope places in your hand to do -do it…”

She added that each time you do, you say yes to life and affirm your commitment to it. “It will always respond by showing you how beautiful it is. #Trust.”

Thank you so much, Bonnie. We’ll definitely keep your words in mind.