Woman strips at Madiba statue

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:59 PM

Social media was abuzz on Tuesday with people trying to find the identity of a woman who stripped naked at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton on Monday afternoon and caressed the Madiba statue.

According to bystanders, the woman walked around the square, took off her pink dress, white bra and pink G-string panties, then proceeded to embrace the statue, leading to bystanders taking pictures and posting them on social media.

The spectacle caused those working in nearby restaurants to get their orders wrong and one man was hit on the head by his wife for getting up for a closer look.

Social media was abuzz with people trying to find out who she was.

Some people were however not amused by the stunt.

Many called her actions distasteful and commented on whether her body was good enough to be shown in public.



Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square regional marketing manager Megan Meas told The Star that they were aware of the incident. "This was an unauthorised incident conducted by a private citizen in her personal capacity on our property," she said.

The woman was not charged and her whereabouts are unknown.