The Women in Media Conference disappointed at Taraji P. Henson

The Women in Media Conference clears its name and sets the record straight

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

Taraji P. Henson angered by local event promoters

On Wednesday, the conference received some rather unwanted attention after actress - Taraji P. Henson denied that she would be a part of the conference to be held in September.

The organizers of the event - 21st Century Group has now issued a statement to clear its name and to let the public know that the actress was indeed booked for the conference and that it is highly disappointed at Taraji's actions as it's alleged that arrangements were made with Taraji's agent for her to attend the conference.

The statement read: 

"21st Century Group is highly concerned and deeply disappointed by the recent social media posts made by Taraji Henson wherein she alleges not having knowledge of the International Women in Media Conference scheduled to take place on 5 September 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre. We would like to place on record that prior arrangements were made with Ms. Henson’s Agents Superstar Agency whereby a contract was concluded between 21st Century Group and the latter, only upon confirmation of Ms. Henson’s attendance at the event.


The organizers further explained that a deposit was already made to Superstar Agency as an assurance that Taraji would indeed be attending the conference.

"It was our reasonable expectation, as is the normal protocol in these situations, that the agency had been liaising with Ms. Henson’s Manager. A deposit was also paid to Superstar Agency as a matter of enforcing and complying with the said contract on the part of 21st Century Group. Written confirmation was received by 21st Century Group from Ms. Henson’s Agents of her attendance and participation at the event."

21st Century Group has also informed the media that they are seeking legal assistance to investigate the miscommunication between Ms Henson's agent and management and if this was a deliberate act to breach the contract that was signed by the respective parties.


The group has also clarified that the event will still continue and that no tickets will be sold and no tickets were sold for this conference. The organizers went on to apologize to all those who have been negatively affected this entire miscommunication.

"We would like to apologise to all the talent and partners that are negatively affected by the negative reports. We also appreciate the partners and talent that has supported the initiative of the International Women In Media Conference and understand that it is about the empowerment of women through media."

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@@21stcg_Global