WTF? Master Is So Manipulative

Thuli needs to run the other direction.

By  | May 19, 2019, 02:22 PM

Friday night's episode of One Night With My Ex confused the hell out of everyone who watched it.

Last night, we got introduced to a couple who clearly need to sort out their differences as soon as possible, especially considering that it was clear as night and day that they are toxic for each rather.

Master and Thuli had been dating ever since Thuli was sixteen years old, Thuli fell pregnant with their first child at eighteen years of age and then gave birth to their second child not long after.

Although the two are now separated, they still live with each other under one roof for the sake of their children. Awkward much?

Master is originally from KZN and is very set in his ways, whereas Thuli is from Soweto and has hardly dated anyone but Master. 

Master invited Thuli to the reality show in the hopes that they would hash out their differences and get back together, but, what we all soon came to realise is that the two had way more issues to deal with, and getting back together would not be ideal.

In a rage of anger, Thuli came to the realisation that Master has been very controlling of her life and always wanted her to do things his way. Because she was young at the time they started dating, she only realised in her adult life that Master is a controlling and possessive person.

In the show, Master mentioned that he could not make an honest woman out of Thuli as she drinks alcohol and believes that no self-respecting woman touches alcohol. 

Really Master?

Thuli mentioned that what he said hurt her deeply, as he is no saint and especially considering that he has cheated on her several times.

To make things worse, Master impregnated another woman he was cheating with, yikes!
The pregnancy really tormented Thuli and nearly brought her close to tears during their conversation.
And just when we thought we had seen enough, the two played a game that was about asking each other questions. When Thuli asked Master what he thought of her the first time they met, he said that he saw a cute, chubby girl that he just wanted to play with, he then continued to say he just saw a child.


At that point, we honestly thought Thuli was going to storm out of that hotel and come to the realisation that Master just sees her as her play toy, but nope! Thuli did the opposite.

After going back and forth in an argument with Master, Thuli decided to spend the night with the father of her kids and it also seems like they had sex.

This totally through many viewers off.

Here are a few reactions from that episode;

Did you watch the show last night? What are your thoughts of these two?

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