Zakes Bantwini calls for an end to poverty

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Not only a talented artist buSt also a philanthropist at heart too, the incomparable Zaks Bantwini has called on all social entrepreneurs in the country to put their heads and money together in the fight to end poverty within South African townships. The Executive A&R at Sony Music Africa hinted that he will be embarking on a project that will help lift the load of poverty in the country:

"As I raised my hand to be counted amongst those who want to change the current status quo in townships where most of us were raised. Poverty is a human creation, no one is born to suffer, many who have means don’t have an idea and those who have an idea don’t have means. We in desperate need of social entrepreneurs where the bottom line will be geared toward social change and human emancipation than money in the bank that business call profit."

We take our hat off to the SAMA XII nominated artist as well as many of our entertainers who are embarking on this struggle to exterminate poverty. See people, the entertainment industry is not only about the glitz and glam, most of the time its about getting down and getting your hands dirty for the sake of helping others either than yourself.

We hope Zakes Bantwini thrives in making this project a success, it may not be easy nor will it take him a few years to achieve this but with the help of our social entrepreneurs as well as your ordinary citizen who is able to lend a helping hand, this can definitely be achievable. Hola, hola ghetto boy.