Zakes: My kids won't watch Prince on Generations

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:46 AM

Popular musician Zakes Bantwini has barred his children from watching ‘Generations’ for as long as the storyline about spoiled teenager Prince Morake and his girlfriend is ongoing.

According to the Sowetan, Zakes disapproves of the plotline surrounding Queen Morake’s son Prince, who’s about 13-years-old and who is currently in a physical relationship with a young girl who often visits him at his house, as he feels the characters are much too young for such antics.

The house music great, whose real name is Zakhele Madida, doesn’t want his children to watch the soap, in case they get any funny ideas.

Resolutely voicing his dissatisfaction with the show’s scriptwriters, Zakes told the publication: “I would not want to officially campaign against Generations because it has become [part of] our culture over the years. I have watched it for many years but I would like to raise awareness, particularly to the writers and producers of the show.”

Zakes believes that things shown on television trickle down and inevitably fuse with real life, and also doesn’t understand why ‘Generations’ writers have created a scenario that’s in complete contrast to the actual beliefs and behaviour in ekasi.

“I think the message you are giving is not driving society to where it needs to go. Old people are old people, there is no kid in my township who can go to their boyfriend’s house while the parents are there and have dinner,” Zakes told the Sowetan.

“I feel like there are certain trends that are fuelled by TV, like once TV covers rape, you will see a lot of rape cases happening,” he added.

“It is very powerful and once it happens on Generations, our parents in the township will be like ‘okay, it is happening on TV so I guess it is okay’.”

Lucky for Zakes’s children, his veto on ‘Generations’ won’t last for too long though, if soapie spokesperson Sandra Mhlongo was to be trusted.

When approached for comment, she said: “It is not something you can carry on for a long time because it is puppy love. It will not go on for too long.”