ZAlebs Character Switchup

Imagine your favourite characters were played by different people

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM

ZAlebs Character Switchup

A switch up of our favourite characters.

We love it when our faves embody a particular character on our TV's hottest dramas and bring them to life don’t we? But how often do you find yourself saying she's slaying that character but I know another ZAleb who would slay in that part too?

Don’t you just see a certain character and automatically associate it with a different Zaleb to the one who's playing them? 

It often happens that directors had a different actor in mind but for reasons beyond their control, they had to go with someone else. 

Take Scandal!'s Yvonne Langa (nee Thebe) from Scandal played by Kgomotso Christopher. That role was initially intended for Keeping Score's Sonia Mbele. I mean, in some ways Yvonne and Mmamosa are almost the same person don’t you think?

ZAlebs Character Switchup

The ZAlebs team put on their casting director hats and shake up your favourite roles. Check it out. 

We love Mapaseka 'Pasi' Koetle as Didintle on Scandal! It's as if she’s not even acting the way she portrays that character so well but don’t you think Khanyi Mbau could also just kill it?

Khanyi Mbau as Dintle

Dramatic, extra, out there, loud and just overall fun - Khaya Dladla has just owned the GC character. It's even hard to picture anyone else playing it but one person we know has the ability to transform into a completely different person like its nothing is Warren Masemola. I mean every role he has ever played he slayed.

Warren Masemola as GC

Can you picture him as GC? Full face beat and all?

We first of all need to give it up for Mr Sello Maake ka Ncube for portraying a gay character so well. I don’t know who better to play this part but what about Siyabonga Thwala? A straight man who could also pull off portraying a gay character without offending any viewers. Remember him in 

Siyabonga Twala as Kgosi

This one is just for fun but don’t you think Chomee and Babes Wodumo could play each other in a drama?

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