Date My Family's Mahoney still in search for love

We catch up with one of Date My Family's most notable bachelors.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


When Mahoney featured on the dating show a lot of people took a great interest in him and the three families he had dinner with.

Things became even more interesting when black Twitter released a number of files about Mahoney and considering how much viewers enjoyed that particular episode of Date My Family, ZAlebs decided to catch up with the bachelor to hear more about his life after Date My Family.

 You received a lot of interesting reactions from Date My Family (DMF), do you feel the show represented you well and how would you rate your experience on the show?

 I represented myself very well on the show. The people made their own assumptions and conclusions about me I had a nice time, it's a great show unfortunately I didn't find love. My standards are very high and the girls/family just didn't cut it for me. I wish them all the best on their quest on finding love.


Did you manage to get a second date with the lady you had chosen on the show, if not, why?

Yes, Kwena is a very lovely lady and we have decided to be friends and concentrate on business. We both have good connections and wouldn't want to spoil that by dating for now. Maybe in the near future....[Laughs]

Black Twitter is infamous for digging files on all the bachelors who were on Date My Family.  Were you shocked at what they had found out about you? And could you kindly share with our readers what this image was all about?


They had no files because I live what I say. 1. Condom picture, (I practice safe sex)

2. ReaVaya I went to go do voice overs at the SABC studio's Auckland Park.

 Nonetheless, I met a lady who referred me to Take Me Out SA.  Social Media is a good reminder of where we come from and the mischief we've gotten up to,  Black Twitter took me on a good memory lane, Lol who is that lady? Are we in a club? How serious can this be? Come on guys.


You're also going to be on Vuzu Amps 'Take Me Out' without divulging too much on the show which is yet to air, how was that experience for you, and why did you decided to go on another dating show if your hopes to find 'the one' did not succeed on Date My Family?

All I can say about this is TUNE IN. I'm one of SA' most prominent bachelor's, do you want me to show you my  Instagram DM's? Hahaha. You all know I am searching for the one,  I am also a socialite why not do it on TV instead of Tinder? 

What is it that you would like for people to know about you, that you feel was misrepresented on DMF?

Firstly I am Mahoney aka "The Phenomenal" a good guy who loves making people smile. I love kids and the beautiful things life offers. I'm unapologetic about anyone who feels I'm a bad guy. I've received far better positive feedback. It's funny how everywhere I go people use my term #GenerationalMoney when greeting me and they do that with a smile and giggle. I can't wait to find the "one" love is a beautiful feeling and I can't wait to share it.

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