ZAlebs kids dress up for Heritage day

It's a colourful day on the Streets of South Africa.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Celebrities all geared up for Heritage day

It's the one day in the year that was set aside for individuals to celebrate their roots and cultures as well as the cultures of those around us.

We love how South African's just embrace each other's differences on this day. The streets are colourful with children from all cultures celebrating the diversity we have in South Africa. Whether you're black, white, indian, coloured or mixed race, this is the day set aside for you to embrace your roots and be proud of who you are. Here are some of the cutest celebrity children who are celebrating the day.

Kenzie Bala


Loyiso and Jennifer Bala's little princess Kenzie Bala embraced her Ghanaian Heritage at school, her mother Jennifer Bala is Ghanaian.

Bontle Modiselle 


A;though she is not a kid, we could not resist adding her on the list. The tv personality and Choreographer also showed off her colourful traditional gear as she embraced her Heritage. Bontle is Sotho but on this day, she opted to celebrate every African.

The Parkers

My guys heritage day 💕👌

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We don't know what heritage this is exactly(maybe money) but the Parker boys rocked up to school looking really stylish.

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