ZAlebs lamza appreciation day

In case you're wondering, lamza is a local slang term for french kissing.

By  | Dec 05, 2018, 07:57 PM

love the one you love

We often cringe at the sight of bad French kisses especially when we see them on TV soapies or on Our Perfect Wedding.

We've read about some of the worst kisses we’ve seen on TV, but what about those really good ones?

The type of kisses that make you wonder if the actors are really acting or really enjoying and engaging in the kiss for their own pleasure, kisses that look too real to be staged.

The best way to master an onscreen kiss is to usually rehearse it says some actors, but directors have often seen that if the pair has good chemistry on and off the screen, then that’s a bonus. A good chemistry doesn’t have to mean you like each other in real life, but you must work together so well that the viewers are almost convinced there's something more than what the actors portray on TV. 

How many times have you seen an onscreen couple with such a great chemistry that you almost wish they were a couple even off screen?

Some actors work so well together that we really need to take a step back and acknowledge these onscreen chemistries. 

Here are the nominees for best onscreen chemistries and Lamzas:


Smanga has been with several girls on Generations but we must admit, his latest relationship with Thabi is our favourite. Those two literally bring some heat to the mix, although some viewers have begged for the two to slow down when it comes to their bedroom passion.


If you don’t remember uGugu noAndile you sure do remember it's two cast members. These two actors Gugu played by Lungelo Nxele (Gugu) and Litha Booi (Andile) set the standards for young couples on screen, they had such great chemistry that most of us were convinced they had a little som' som' off screen.


Remember Palesa and Bradley, their scenes were so hot they probably set the whole place on fire.

Hlomla dandala

Who does Siseko have a better chemistry with,or better yet who do you prefer him with, Yvonne or Boniswa?


If it ain't that Sanjelina and Brat Pitt then we don't want it.

Andile Nebulane

Then there was Terrie and Sandile played by Chi Mhende and Andile Nebulane in the movie Love The One You Love. Their chemistry on set was so convincing some us really thought they were dating in real life.

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