ZAlebs reaches 300,000 likes on Facebook

And it’s all thanks to you

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


You guys and gals  have been with us throughout all the entertainment fun and drama and what better way to say 'Thank you!' then by showering you - our fans - with gifts.

ZAlebs has finally reached its momentous milestone of 300,000 likes, can you believe it?

As a form of gratitude, ZAlebs is giving away three luxurious perfumes to our lucky Facebook Friends.

Yes, you read that correctly. ZAlebs wants you to smell fresh with these top of the range perfumes as a thank you gesture for all your love and support throughout the years.


You all have seen us through our best and worst moments. You’ve loved and disliked our Facebook admin but still return for more hot entertainment news and we really appreciate that.

From the jokes to the clapbacks and the hilarious GIFs we all share on the ZAlebs Facebook page, just know that even though you guys sometimes drive us up the wall, and have caused a few grey hairs to grow, at the end of the day it’s all love from this side of the digital world.

But please do keep the likes coming and we’ll do our utmost best to keep the entertainment stories rolling.

Here’s to another 300,000 likes!

Team ZAlebs.