ZAlebs take boxing classes in support of an anti-bullying campaign

They're kicking ass for a good cause

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM


Clint Brink and other Mzansi celebrities have gone on an initiative to support Bully Proof, an anti-bullying campaign through boxing.

The singer and actor told The Morning Show that the boxing classes are there to train people to stand up for themselves.

He also said that using boxing as a way to protect bullying might seem wrong as the sport is also associated with violence but it is necessary as it also trains people to defend themselves from the bullies.

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“If you are an athlete or being a competitor everyone has an expectation of wanting to win but that’s not always the case, at times you don’t need to compete but just stand up for yourself. Stand up for something worthwhile,”

“If someone bullies you, for instance, you have to stand up for yourself and you smack this dude and you tell them, listen up, if you do this again I will smack you down. You have the power to stop them, “ he said.

Clint Brink also said that the classes are also open to everyone.

“All of us have been fought, be it in the cooperate world or physically, so this is the chance to say I wanna go in there and defeat my demons.”

Some of the ZAlebs who are also part of the campaign include World Champion racing driver, Andre Lotter.

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