#ZAlebsBeauty: The perfect lipstick for your skin tone

When it comes to beauty, there are quite a lot of options to choose from.

By  | Sep 20, 2019, 12:01 PM

And if you’re not careful, you could get stuck in a dilemma of which shade would best suit your tone. 

Researchers have found that people can perceive your character based on the shade of lipstick you choose, so we wouldn't want anyone getting a bad impression of the kind of person you are so here are a few tips:

Light skin tones: Although Blue-based lipsticks suit most skin tones, a bright pink or burgundy reds might just be perfect for your skin tone, red lips are associated with passion, action and energy, plus it turns out that people who wear red lipstick are seen as daring, approachable and creative. 

Or you could even try a soft pink nude, if you’re not the daring type but still want to look more sociable and fun. Bright berry pink are also good for medium skin tones. You might want to avoid wearing very pale and shimmery shades of lipstick as they tend to drain your complexion.

Olive skin tones: If you have a more olive tone, orange based shades are a definite go for and this will definitely look good next to a pool, people who wear orange lipstick are seen as passionate and ambitious so you might want to plan your next trip to go with your bright pout. Do avoid light nudes and pinks though, another heads up is to not to drain your complexion while fleeking.

Dark skin tones: Go purple, not only is it a sign of independence but it also makes you seem self-sufficient. You could even try bright pink and even red or just to be more creative try more daring colours like burgundy, blue-base.

A number of women spent a few days wearing lipstick, and have testified to getting a confidence and self-esteem boost. You’d also want have your own testimony, so try it, your confidence is just a shade away.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Lootlove