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By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:41 AM

From A to Zee

ZAlebs is introducing a new weekly segment on the site known as the A to Zee diary.  An article that is written by me, Zee about, well, anything and everything that involves our ZAlebs community.

As you may all be aware, there is a lot that happens within our entertainment industry in a week or even a day, so the A to Zee diary is really an opportunity to reflect and comment on my observations about what happens within the entertainment community as a whole.

It is my personal take on what catches my eye from an in-depth look at all the South African entertainment culture as a whole.

What is also interesting about the A to Zee diary is that it is also an opportunity to give you, yes, you (our valued reader) the opportunity to voice your opinions about the topic I may write about. And how you can become a part of the conversation is by commenting on our social media pages about your thoughts about the topic at hand.

I am really excited about launching this new series on a weekly basis and even more excited to hear your thoughts about what I write about and to also hear what you want to know more of.

When can you expect the A to Zee diary?

Every Thursday afternoon on ZAlebs, this week we'll send it out on Wednesday as Thursday is a public holiday. If you happen to have missed the post on the site, no worries, as long as you’re a ZAlebs newsletter subscriber, you have the opportunity of reading the piece at your own leisure when you get the time.

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