Zee's rumor of the week: Enhle Maphumulo working on another fashion line?

There is just no stopping the Maphumulo's when it comes to achieving greatness.

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


And now his wife is also making boss moves.

Just this month Enhle launched her second maternity range titled SE Preggoz but Enhle does not want a mere piece of the pie, she wants the whole nine yards

According to various gossip mongers in entertainment, Enhle has collaborated with fashion designer Ryan Keys who is also the owner of the Ryan Keys Fashion store located in Hyde Park.

The two are said to be working on a fashion line which they aim to take abroad. This would not be the first time Ryan Keys puts his work on the international map.

Nandi Ryan keys

In 2016 Nandi Mngoma wore a Ryan Keys design for her BET Awards coverage.

With Enhle's sense of style and Ryan's talent in fashion design, we have no doubt that this collaboration will be a start of many great things to come for both creatives. 


Who knows, maybe the two will even present their fashion line at New York and Paris Fashion Week. At the rate at the rate in which Mbali is gunning for her dreams, we wouldn't be suprised if she officially establishes her own fashion house as well. House of Enhle has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Enhlembali_