It's Scotho's birthday!

Zikhona Sodlaka turns a year older, happy birthday lady!

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM


 Born in Umtata on 7 June 1985, Zikhona Sodlaka continues to enjoy a succesful career in acting.

From acting on Generations, A Place Called Home, Rhythm City and of course iGazi we've seen Zikhona flourish slowly but surely, especially on her new role as Scotho on iGazi.

It's quite funny how a villain like Scotho can be loved by so many viewers, you would think that villains automatically get disliked because of their actions but not Scotho.

Some people even tweet about needing Scotho's witchcraft for certain things.

Whilst others want Schotho's infamous pot, err we think the pot comes with Scotho otherwise all the witchcraft content in that pot won't work for you.

Zikhona may have played a lot of roles in her career but she'll undoubtedly be remembered as uScotho.

Zikhona's scenes with Vatiswa are always entertaining and keep us in awe at their acting talent. Some of their scenes seem improvised but they always came out perfect, like when Nomarrusia lost her wig for a second and it seemed like her whole world was falling apart, but as always Scotho came to her rescue.

Thank you Scotho for entertaining us every Sunday, here's to many more birthdays to come.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ZikhonaSodlaka