Zizo Beda on being an underdog

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:45 AM

How has Zizo Beda managed to remain in the entertainment industry for so long? Well, the television and radio personality has remained true to herself. That's all!

The Bona magazine June cover girlĀ has managed to keep her feet firmly on the ground and has focused on her work. She told the mag: "I never make it a point to publicise everything I do. For me, it is all about doing the work and not chasing fame. I've done plenty things in the corporate and private realm to showcase my other skills; it's just that people take Selimathunzi as the flagship of all that I can do."

She said she's turned down plenty of work in the past because it didn't align with what she wants to achieve. "I know who I am and I'm never disillusioned by trying to keep up with the Joneses; I trust my talent and and I'm very secure in the direction I'm going." She added that the keyword for her is longevity. On being labelled an underdog, Zizo said it never bothers her. "It allows me to do as I please. I love the shock value the label has..."

She said she thinks the 'underdog' label is often thrown at her because she's different from other celebs. "I speak in vernacular most of the time. have dreadlocks, don't particularly follow the latest fahsion trends and even perhaps because of my size, which isn't skinny."