Zweli Dube to star in a Hollywood flick

The hunky actor is set to star in an international blockbuster 

By  | Dec 06, 2018, 01:43 AM

Zweli Dube

South Africa's sexiest bachelor is set to act on a big international movie which will be shot in South Africa and the US. The actor is gearing up to play Lieutenant Jake Mhamha on a Hollywood blockbuster film set to hit cinemas in 2018.The film is called Next Assignment and it promises a lot of action packed scenes.

Zweli Dube

Speaking to Tshisalive about the film he said, "Besides being sexy, God has been good to me. I recently started shooting for an action-thriller blockbuster. It is hitting our screens in 2018. It's going to take SA, Africa and the world by storm and it will premier in LA." He then went on to say that he feels like this flick is his ticket to the international marketing. 

We wish him all the best!

Image credit: Instagram/zweli_dube