Robbie Malinga's brother details his final moments

Robbie Malinga's brother details his final moments

Dec 27, 2017, 12:51 PM

Robbie Malinga

As the South African music industry comes to terms with the passing of Robbie Malinga, his brother Bheki Malinga offered a sense of solace to Robbie's fans when he shared how peacefully the musician/producer passed on.

Speaking to IOL news Bheki shared how his brother insisted that his whole family come have Christmas lunch at his home in Dainfern.

“We had lunch for the family yesterday (Christmas Day), organised by him. He insisted while in his hospital bed that this (family lunch) must happen. The (family) gathered at his place yesterday. This was the first time everybody showed up,” said Bheki.

Bheki went on to share Robbie's exact final moment before he passed on.

“Believe me, before people finished their plates he just gave up. He smiled, held my hand and just gave up; he had asked me to turn him facing the east. He gave his back to everybody who was there in the room. That was his sign of saying goodbye,” he told the publication.

Robbie Malinga's wife, Ann Malinga & his children are said to be taking the loss the hardest, especially considering how much they knew Robbie loved them.

In his last days, Robbie and Ann enjoyed a peaceful holiday in the Maldives


Robbie Malinga had just released his latest self-titled album and was set to perform in a number of events around the country.

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