AKA releases new song - is it a real apology or was the break up a marketing ploy?

Is Caiphus Song AKA's way of apologizing for a real break up or was the break up engineered to market the song? 

By  | Feb 21, 2017, 01:12 AM

Bonang to star in AKA's 'The world is yours music video'

In an about turn from someone who’s all about singing about the baddest girls, the rise to the top and all things expensive, AKA has surprised fans by releasing a new loved-up track titled ‘Caiphus Song.’

This comes shortly after the two-second break up with his Queen (of everything), Bonang Matheba.

With lyrics like:

“cover the front page on a Sunday when they discover a location,” - probably in reference to their first Mozambican baecation, back when they were still playing hide the bae...  

“how many break-ups we gon’ have?” - the most recent one is the second one we know about. So how many have they had?!

“even my ex called me a big fan,” - yup DJ Zinhle called him out for this back when she was going through that glorious Petty Labelle phase.

“I don’t buy face, I buy sick bags” - probably in reference to this “surprise”

“you was even in my video” - clearly a reference to the ‘The World Is Yours’ music video...

And lastly “see I wanted you for a long time, couple years later now you’re all mine”... it’s clear to see who he’s talking to.

The song is literally AKA addressing their relationship and momentary break up in song form.

"This is a song very close to my heart. It's about fighting for a future with the one you love. I decided to call it "Caiphus Song" to honour him and the song "Matswale" which inspired me to write this at this particular point in my life and relationship," said AKA in a statement.

Caiphus Song is also another form of collaboration between AKA and Smiso Zwane (more popularly known as OkMalumKoolkat) as Zwane designed the track’s artwork.

“When AKA sent me the track, I instantly got ideas around 'real love' and wedding vibes so I called him and we had a chat about which direction I could take it to. I am currently really interested in Vaporwave design, so I wanted to capture that feeling, visually using Vaporwave aesthetics,” said Zwane in a statement.

Adding that “this is also part of this whole Afro-futurism wave that I believe me and Supa Mega are part of consciously or unconsciously, it's all there in our music.”

AKA’s Caiphus Song can be streamed exclusively until Monday, 27 February 2017 on the Deezer streaming platform.

If you want to hear it without using your data, tune in to The Drive with Mo Flava this afternoon between 3pm and 6pm, he’s set to play it at some point.


Judging from this turn of events, they either sat at home and were like:

AKA: babe, I wanna go in a different direction and release a love song… But I don’t know how people will receive it. Here, listen to this (as he blasts the song over his expensive home theatre system)

Bonang: ag, babe! You know they’ll love whatever you put out, just do it

AKA: no man, you know we need an angle, we need to get everybody talking.

Bonang: you know what we should do…? (as she grins at the thought of her publicity stunt) We should break up

AKA: What?

Bonang: Not for real babe, just send a tweet and say it’s over and then take it back a few hours later

AKA: (smiles in agreement), you’re a genius

Bonang: I know babe, you can thank me with that Gucci bag I’ve been eyeing (kisses him)


They really did break up and this is just his way of saying sorry while gaining as much media mileage as he can. Which, if that was the case, was a brilliant idea because here we are talking about them.

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