AKA wants to quit Instagram

The rapper shared his late night thoughts about the 'Gram 

By  | Jul 19, 2018, 09:27 AM

AKA wants to quit Instagram

Everybody is a philosopher about social media and its effects on society, even the people who continue to feed this proverbial monster that they think we (as a society) have created. 

The latest in a series of people to share their thoughts about social media is rapper AKA (Kiernan Forbes) who stated that he was thinking about quitting Instagram.

According to the rapper, his reasons for considering this are completely selfless as he no longer wants to contribute to the pressure young people feel to live their life a certain way (according to social media standards).

He also went on to add "Im not trying to judge anyone ... I just need some more peace in my life." [sic]

Check out what he had to say below: 

Main image credit: instagram.com by @blaqsmith