AKA won't let politics come between him and money

AKA won't let politics come between him and money

May 11, 2018, 10:16 PM

AKA collaborates with world famous producer

Raising a family in these tough times is very difficult. With the cost of living being what it is, it's become more important to get more in any way we can.

The question of whether this need to get more overshadows moral obligation was faced by Black Coffee when he was criticised for playing in Apartheid state, Israel


. When people have to be taken care of, the line between those 2 things seems to be very narrow but one artist believes that Black Coffee was right in his stance, especially because he is a provider.

The 'Star Signs' rapper shared his thoughts on Oliver Dickson's show on YFm, stating that: 'I have a daughter and a family. R3-million could change my whole circumstance. I'm sorry, but in life, there are times when it's every man for himself, whatever your political stance.' 

He then went on to criticise people for being nitpicky about which causes to back, citing how when Swaziland was going through its political disarray, people weren't paying attention but now that all eyes are on Israel, everyone is there. 

Take a listen to the rest of the rapper's thoughts regarding politics on the podcast of #YTalks here

What do you think? Should morality overshadow the obligation one has to take care of their family? Especially in AKA and Black Coffee's case when they both have so many things and endorsements in place that being broke is but a pipe dream for them? 

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