Akhumzi Jezile Foundation Launched

Akhumzi Jezile Foundation Launched

Apr 29, 2019, 02:23 PM

Yesterday marked a year since South Africa learned of the shocking news of Akhumzi's passing.

Akhumzi along with Siyasanga Kobese, Thobani Mseleni and two others were involved in a horrific head-on collision outside Queenstown after a truck that was carrying a car had lost control and swerved into Akhumzi and his passengers.

Although it's been a year, it seems like the terrible nightmare of that day occurred just yesterday.

In memory of Akhumzi and the many people that have lost their lives on the road, the Akhumzi Jezile Foundation was launched yesterday.

According to the organization, the main objective of the foundation is to "...change road behaviour on the roads, provide support and to educate road users." as well.

A video message by Akhumzi's mom was the first post to be published on the foundations Instagram page and this is what she had to say:
Instagram embed

Close friends such as the likes of Zizo Tshwete and Andile Ncube shared their heartfelt messages about their dear and late friend.

"My Jez Always in my heart. Life without you in the physical world is certainly with a lot less madness. I love you from the deepest part of me." Wrote Zizo Tshwete.

Andile Ncube shared a message that read:  "When they asked what it's like to lose him...I answered; 'It' was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me, said all at once."

The Akhumzi foundation has requested that all South Africans take a pledge with the foundation by lighting a candle in honour of your loved ones who have lost their lives on the road. Record a video and share it with the foundation by tagging @akzfoundation using #smartroadchoices in the videos.

Rest in peace to Akhumzi and to all of those we've lost on the road.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Akhumzi

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Zee Dladla

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