Akhumzi Jezile's friends honour his memory

Akhumzi Jezile's friends honour his memory

Aug 31, 2018, 02:02 PM

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They say the grieving process of losing a loved one never ends, even if the deceased had passed for many years. 

So we can only imagine how difficult it has been for Akhumzi's close friends and family, four months after his untimely passing

And while the rest of Mzansi has moved on, his friends are still left with the painful reminder that they will no longer be able to pick up the phone to call him or take one more selfie with him to share on social media.

But if there's one thing they can and have been consistently doing is keeping his memory alive. 

The first time we realised the great friends Akhumzi had was when they honoured his memory by spending their Mother's Day with Akhumzi's mom, this was her first Mother's Day without her beloved son. 

The other way his friends have been keeping his memory alive is by custom-making items of clothing and accessories of Akhumzi.

Musa Mthombeni had this custom-made watch with Akhumzi's face on it designed for him recently.


Andile Ncube today decided to wear an Akhumzi t-shirt in memory of his close friend whom he created many great memories with during their time together.


At Akhumzi's funeral, Andile broke down in tears as he read a heart-wrenching letter by Akhumzi's mom which bought the majority of the people in attendance to tears.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AndileNcube

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