Amanda Black drops case & is seeking counseling after gun incident

Still terrified over the gun threat that occurred over the weekend

By  | Dec 13, 2017, 01:31 AM

Amanda Black

The singer's P.R team has officially released a statement stating that Amanda has dropped the case against the man who pulled a gun on her and her band members at the Mapungubwe Festival in Limpopo.

Her team released a statement confirming that although Amanda Black is still traumatized about what occurred she has dropped the case but would like to highlight the fact that this incident was a clear disregard of Amanda's safety as a woman

After the gun-threat incident, Amanda and her band members went to the Polokwane Police Station to get assistance from the police, the police went to the venue to investigate what had happened and confiscated the gun from the culprit. The police and Amanda's team went back to the police station to open a case against the man who threatened them. However, after much discussion, they then dropped the case against him because they were scared to stir up trouble and didn't want to risk not performing in Polokwane again.

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Amanda Black

Parts of the statement read: 

 "This violation is a direct threat to Amanda’s well-being, one that has left her scared and vulnerable. This is such an unfortunate occurrence to happen to a young female artist, during the 16 Days of No Violence Against women and children. Had it been a man or a much older artist, there is a big chance that what happened to Amanda wouldn’t have happened, which is a total disregard and disrespect towards her and her team."

Amanda Black is grateful for the support of her fans while not taking lightly the severity of this incident which has led her to seek counseling to deal with the trauma. 

“This for all event promoters to take note and understand that our safety is vital and should never be compromised. How is it that a man walks inside the events premises with a gun and no one notices? We cannot have this sort of behavior happening, event promoters need to be vigilant. What happened at the Mapungubwe was horrendous and something that should never happen to anyone else ever again.” Concluded Amanda Black

Amanda's team has confirmed that although she is still shaken by what happened she will continue performing throughout the festive season with an even tighter security surrounding her we hope.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AmandaBlackSA