Jun 23, 2018, 03:05 AM

Babalwa Mneno claps back

They tried to troll her but she came back with vengeance


Former supermodel turned businesswoman and socialite - Babalwa Mneno is always the talk of the town. 

Just this week we saw, media personality, Denise Zimba share how many times Babalwa saved her life when she literally had nothing.

It was interesting to see Babalwa been represented in a positive light, unfortunately, that didn't last long as on Friday night she found herself getting trolled on Twitter for a tweet she put out.

Babalwa posted a tweet congratulating Nigeria for their win against Iceland during their World Cup match on Friday. However, her tweet was met with a lot of trolling from social media users.

Babz tweet

This picture was not of the Nigerian team, and so the trolling began


But Bablawa was having none of that disrespect and clapped back real quick.

Babz knows

There's never a dull moment on Twitter.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BlackBarbielish

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Zee Dladla

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