Bonang celebrates AKA's GQ Magazine cover

Bonang celebrates AKA's GQ Magazine cover

Sep 26, 2016, 05:32 PM

Bonang celebrates AKA's GQ cover

Besides all the drama that has been surrounded her boyfriend, Bonang has decided to look at the brighter side of life and celebrate AKA's GQ Magazine cover that was released on Monday, 26 September 2016.

We just love it when our celebs engage in any kind of public displays of affection. Aka scored the cover of GQ magazine this weekend and his Queen was right there to celebrate along with him. A few hours before the news broke of Black Coffee Klapping AKA's stage manager in a nasty spat, Queen B took to her Instagram to congratulate and celebrate man's cover

Bonang captioned the image: ''On sale Monday!!! The Super Mega on the October 2016 cover of GQ South Africa!!! Levels!!!'' A source revealed that they celebrated with a fabulous dinner and champagne at a trendy Johannesburg hot spot.

Bonang is no slouch in the cover department, being on the cover of Cosmo, Maxim Magazine and recently did a story with the Huffington Post on a recent trip to New York. Perhaps the ''Level'' comment implies that she is welcoming AKA to her levels?

AKA gq magazine

Regardless, the pair is fast becoming the most glamorous couple in Africa. The images they post on social media will have you green with envy and definitely wanting to make your boo hire a personal photographer!

This image of the two in a private jet this past weekend was our utmost favorite!

Ⓜ️🐝 📸 @blaq_smith

A photo posted by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m) on

AKA's fans have since been celebrating his GQ Magazine cover debut also, with some even wanting to purchase two magazines in support of their favorite rapper.

Image Credit: Instagram/blaq_smith

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