Bonang has never felt a love like this

Bonang has never felt a love like this

Jan 18, 2016, 12:43 AM

Bonang Matheba is in a very happy mood.

The television and radio personality, who was on vacation in Mozambique last week, has returned to her Metro FM radio show. Bonang, who has been making headlines for the last couple of days because of her rumoured baecation with AKA, is clearly on cloud nine. 

While she and her co-hosts were discussing their festive season, Queen B said there are no words to describe or express how she's feeling, and played Faith Evans' Love Like This. She said the hit track best describes how she's feeling. 

In the song, Faith sings: "I never knew there was a love like this before. Never had someone to show me a love like this before..."

Hmmm... It must be really nice. 

Great song choice, Bonang. Is it safe to assume Miss Matheba is part of #LoveLivesHere? Well, it's kinda obvious now, isn't it?

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Although Bonang and AKA have not said a word about being an item, their social media posts from the past week pretty much prove that they were together. 

Mr Forbes couldn't resist posting about his "Queen" on social media, while the Top Billing host has only posted pictures of herself on Instagram. The pics were beautiful, by the way.

You can listen to Bonang's current fave song below.

Image credit: Instagram

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