Brown Mbombo pulls a Cardi B

Apparently it's a thing 

By  | Jul 05, 2018, 01:06 PM

Brown Mbombo pulls a Cardi B

Most South African women over the age of 30 would not be surprised by this but in the age of flat irons, it's both surprising and amusing to see a video of someone flat ironing their hair with an actual clothes iron. 

American rapper, Cardi B made headlines for doing exactly that when she took to her Instagram late last year while getting ready for a public appearance and her followers could see her stylist finishing off her look with a clothing iron. 

Brown Mbombo pulls a Cardi B

In the video, Cardi can be heard holding her breath as the iron is held close to her scalp and then ironed away before adding "ay, sliiiick"

Brown Mbombo pulls a Cardi B

Earlier today, Brown Mbombo, twin sister to media personality and model, Blue Mbombo, took to Instagram to show the same trick being used on her hair. 

How to deal with a wig that's bulky at the roots courtesy of @brownmbombo

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This trick allegedly helps one achieve that super flat look right at the top of the wig in addition to ensuring all the fly-aways and stray hairs lay extremely flat. If you are going to dare ever trying this on your wigs, we advise ensuring that your wig is 100% human hair and that you apply heat protectant before doing this. 

We also advise laying your hair on a suitable surface or putting it on a wig head and not while it is on your head. 

Main image credit: by Stevel Marc