Candy Tsa Mandebele’s traditional outfits

Candy Tsa Mandebele’s traditional outfits

Dec 01, 2015, 03:28 AM

Since Candy stepped on to the music scene with her hit song, Tsa Mandebele - alongside the legendary Oskido, it’s been nothing but a smooth and sweet ride for the singer.

From sold out shows to an award, there is no doubt that Candy will be in the industry for the long run. After all, she is a product of the incomparable Kalawa Jazzmee stable, as mentioned by her in an interview.

“I am the graduate of Kalawa Jazzmee University, I graduated with the best song of the year (degree)."

That’s not the only “degree” that Candy has. We’d also like to commend her for her strong allegiance towards her Ndebele culture and African culture in general by wearing some of the most beautiful traditional garments we’ve seen.

Here are some of our few favorite outfits from Candy.

You'll never go wrong when wearing traditional attire.

Whoever makes these traditional dresses for Candy needs some serious recognition.

Culture is an art that Candy sure knows how to wear stylishly.

Simple yet elegant

Who said a traditional outfit can't be funky?

Absolutely stunning!

Image Credit: Instagram @Candytsamandebelesa
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