Cassper Nyovest Plays Super Hero For Zozibini

Cassper's undying love for Zozibini continues

By  | Feb 18, 2020, 10:27 AM

Funny, some of you thought that the love Cassper Nyovest had for Zozibini would die down after having met her in person or when socials gathered that Cassper Nyovest already had a bae but Cassper reminded us that he is always  going to be there for Miss Universe.

Being the romantic gentleman that he is, Cassper Nyovest jumped to defend Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi against haters on social media.

Zozi was recently shaded on social media for apparently being too “dramatic” regarding a school visit where cases of teacher-to-child violence were a major issue.

If you're wondering how one can be 'too dramatic' for an issue like that then we're in the same WhatsApp group.

But apparently, her reaction to hearing the negative comments was a ' bit over the top' for some people who felt the need to come for her.

After seeing what peeps were saying about his Universe, Cassper jumped online to slay the haters, like a real Prince Charming.

Check how Cassper came to bat for Zozi:

Yes, Cassper! This is definitely the content the fans love to see from him...or is it? It's a mixed bag of emotions from the followers:

We're in support of Cassper Nyovest coming to Zozinbini defense as a friend because that's what they are now, thanks to Zozibini's interview with Leanne where she kindly put him in the friendzone.

One thing is for sure, Cassper Nyovest is not going to let anyone come for Zozibini and he's #GoodForThat.

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