Caster Semenya: Violet thought I was a boy when we first met

Did you know Caster Semenya's wife Violet is a twin as well?

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Caster Semenya and violet

A few weeks straight out of gay pride weekend, we thought we should look at our favorite gay couple that has proven that love knows no gender, Caster and Violet, or as they call themselves, CASVIO.

#CoupleCrush: Violet thought I was a boy when we first met

Amongst many celebrities in entertainment, sport, politics and even reality, Caster Semenya is still one of the many who have been backlashed, dissed, laughed at and is still the most misunderstood by many till this day. The award-wining athlete' s relationship for one has stood the test of time and since her marriage, she has begun to open up more about her marriage to Violet.

The 2016 Olympic gold medalist, Caster Semenya is unapologetic about the love she has for her wife, which is something we've come to appreciate about the lovely couple. 

The Athlete opened up about her relationship in a TV interview about her life. On August 7th Being Caster Semenya was aired on BET and the Olympic champion said that her first encounter with her wife was a "funny" meeting.

"We met in a restroom in 2007. She was a runner and was being escorted by doping officials. She thought I was a boy and said 'What is a boy doing in here?'"

#CoupleCrush: Violet thought I was a boy when we first met

That comment was enough to make Caster's blood boil and she immediately prepared for war as she started to defend herself."I'm not a boy.

 You think I'm lost? You think I can just walk in here?" she said.

From that day on, the two always gave one another weird looks that slowly turned into looks of love. The gold medalist was the one who caught feelings first and after a few months of hiding her feelings for her, Caster finally got the confidence to open up to Violet and tell her how she felt.

"At first we were both in denial not only because of how we initially met, but also because she had a past with men and because at the time, she actually had a boyfriend. She was trying her hardest to deny being in love with a woman."

 Ten years later and the couple is still going strong, they took their relationship to the next level and pledged to spend the rest of their lives together in a beautiful wedding ceremony earlier this year.


What has made Caster and Violet's love so strong is that through thick and thin and and we all know it got really thick, the pair stood together regardless of all life had to throw their way.

How many of us can say our partners have our backs like these two do? 

Caster went on to add that Violet is the one person who was there for her at her lowest point and she will forever be grateful to her for that.

"She is someone I can rely on through thick and thin."

Caster who grew up in a family of six also mentioned that she and her wife would love to have children, three to be exact.

"I'd love to have twins, My wife is a twin, so ja." She added.

#CoupleCrush: Violet thought I was a boy when we first met

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