Celebrities speak out against disgusting DM's

Being a celebrity can cause a lot of unwanted messages on social media platforms.

By  | Nov 08, 2017, 10:45 AM

Mona Monyane

Social media can be quite a disturbing platform sometimes, especially when it comes to DM's (Direct Messages) - and it has become a norm for it to go down in the DM but there are a couple of ZAlebs that have spoken out against DM's that have become quite inappropriate.

TV and radio personality Mpho Maboi is known to be one of the women to openly speak out against perverted behaviour, and according to her recent post on Twitter, she is fed up and warns that she is willing to take it to the next level.

Mpho Maboi twitter post

Musician Moonchild took a more hilarious but serious approach on the matter.

Searching for the catfisher

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Mona Monye is known to post hilarious videos on her instagram however she too decided to get serious about how uncomfortable it can make one feel to recieve nudes from a stranger.

A penis... On a Monday! #WhatMustToCanHappen

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