Celebrity trending memes

Hillarious memes of your favourite ZAlebs.

By  | Nov 05, 2017, 02:29 PM

The Queen's Petronella is our new favourite

Memes are everyone's favourite and probably everyone's daily use when it comes to social media conversations, and using celebrity memes is our absolute favourite.

Nothing says 'I'm bored or depressed' like a Dingaan meme.

James Motsamai bored on the phone meme

A week doesn't go by without us seeing this meme of Kgosi from The Queen. 

Kgosi the queen meme

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  • Media personality Somizi is known for his charismatic character, and with his character comes a lot of meme moments, this is one of our favourite one captured. 

    somizi youth quote meme

    There are so many captions that you can create off of these Mastermind meme.

    Uzalo meme

    Here's one that recently made the rounds on social media. There's no such thing as too soon when it comes to the social media world.


    The laughs in..... (insert word here) memes have really been making the rounds and we can't help but giggle every time we see them.

    Pearl Thusi

    Zodwa Wabantu who is now the most relevant entertainer, and this is one of the memes captured of her.

    Zodwa Wabantu

    These might not be memes but the attempts at drawing some of these public figures is hilarious


    This is going to be some of us tomorrow morning in the shower, dreading the thought of going to work.


    Main Image Credit: Twitter