Chomee on her life after leaving 999 Music

It's a learning curve for Chomee after going independent.

By  | Nov 16, 2017, 09:34 AM


Kwaito singer and Dancer Chomee’s come back in the industry - after being on the low for a while - has been more of a learning curve for the artist but the ‘Jiva sexy’ hit maker is still striding strong.

In a recent interview on MetroFM’s The drive with Mo Flava and Masechaba the artist revealed that after she had gone independent, there were challenges that she had faced that she still needed to get advise from Arthur Mafokate.

“I’m able to call Arthur and say...there’s something I don’t do you tackle this and so forth and he’s able to advise me, he’s been in the industry for so many years” she said


Despite the challenges, Chomee says she loves the fact that it has given her an opportunity to grow.

“As a person, you never grow from a place of comfort, I felt like I was getting too comfortable and I looked at my life like...I felt like I wasn’t growing at all…”

Her relationship with Arthur still remains solid and she says that there is no bad blood between them after she left the label and that she is getting all the support necessary from the label while she is independent.

“When I spoke to him [Arthur] about it, he said ok we’ll support you, do you and good luck with everything…It was actually very amazing, I had fun at 999 Music” she said.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Chommie