Cici Is Coming After Arthur's Label

Cici is not done yet

By  | Oct 03, 2019, 01:00 PM

Hell hath no fury like a Busiswe Twala scorned! The singer has been on a warpath against Arthur Mafokate after their infamous abuse saga and now she's coming after his label, 999 music. Remember that Rihanna song about someone who owes you money? Yeah, this is something similar.

According to Sunday World, Cici is on a mission to recoup payments she is owed from the time that she was signed to Arthur's now-defunct label. Things got messy as Cici was not only Arthur's artist but his girlfriend too. But their personal and working relationship came to an end after the Kwaito legend abused her in an incident that ended up going all the way to court.

Although Arthur was acquitted for his alleged crimes, this hasn't stopped Cici from coming after what she is owed and now she's pursuing her professional dues. According to Sunday World, Cici has obtained a provisional court order at the Johannesburg High Court in a bid to liquidate Arthur Mafokate's record label after the owner failed to pay her R50,000 she was owed from 2016.

Those with sharp memories will recall that Cici won Best R&B singer and Best Styled Artist at the 2016 Metro FM Music awards; two awards that were meant to reward her with R200,000 in total. Arthur allegedly used R150,000 of this money on publicity but failed to give her the remainder of the money -- and now Cici wants it all back!

Cici claims that the company should be liquidated because it is unable to pay its debts but Arthur is fighting this head-on.

The label boss of the now-defunct 999 Music is claiming that Cici's liquidation court order has been made with the sole intention of embarrassing him and his company rather thank actually wanting to have her fees paid. He added that he has assets worth over R17 million and that 999 music had received nearly half a million Rands this year alone.

With this in mind, the kwaito veteran is doing all he can to protect his integrity but those of us who saw Cici's threat last month, after Arthur was aquitted, will know that she is not done with this man at all.

Beware, Arthur Mafokate!

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