Connie Ferguson - The Ice Queen

When it comes to gift-giving, Mr. Ferguson out-does himself every single time 

By  | Nov 30, 2017, 05:45 PM

Connie Ferguson - The Ice Queen

For as long as they have been an item, Connie and Shona Ferguson have been the source of #CoupleGoals for many South Africans - long before it even became a hashtag.

Apart from their love (which has struck the perfect balance of being public and private), we can’t get over how they just keep setting levels and surpassing them.

Today, November 30th 2017, marks their sixteenth anniversary which Connie took to social media to share and we’re so happy for this milestone, you would swear that they are family friends.

Speaking of those levels, Mr. Ferguson outdid himself following that time he blessed her with a new set of wheels. Back in February of this year, he got Mrs. Ferguson a beautiful rock followed by an eternity band a few months later from her favourite, LA-Based jeweler, Sam Karmiel. 

They met up with Sam again a few weeks ago during their recent trip to LA where he offered to place her diamond in what he described as “a more fitting setting.”

☝🏾This is Sam @icerock_diamonds. I was introduced to Sam when he liked one of my favorite stones post. It turned out he was one of the custom jewelers I followed on Instagram. (Precious Stones and Custom Jewellery are an interest of mine, perhaps even a future business, God willing😬.) Anyhow, I got in touch and put my blind faith and trust in him to make me a custom Emerald Diamond Eternity Band. 3 weeks later Hubby @ferguson_films and I met him and his wife Molly @mojomi in LA, and I was completely blown away by my custom piece!😍 Flash forward to our last visit to LA, he insisted on resetting my ring in ‘befitting setting’ as he put it, and this morning I wake up to pictures of the new setting and a lovely heartfelt message from him on Instagram!😭😭😭 Follow him on @icerock_diamonds for more pictures and a video of the setting, and just general jewellery inspiration! Sam, you’re the absolute best! Love you and Molly and the kids to bits and can’t wait to welcome you to SA!❤️ THANK YOU my friend!🙏🏾❤️

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In jewel-making, the art of setting (or stone setting) refers to the act of presenting the gemstone in a way that most flatters its cut, without dramatizing the method in which it is secured.

And that is how Mrs. Ferguson got her brand new bling. 

Just by looking at it, you can tell that this ice is fit for a queen. Thee Queen.

Happy anniversary Aunty Connie and Uncle Sho. We wish you a lifetime of love, happiness and prosperity. 

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